Minutes of meeting Aug 2011

When: Wednesday 17 August 2011 at 6pm

Where: Mountains Community Resource Network Meeting Room, Lawson

Present: Paul Vale (Popes Glen), Clive Heywood Barker (BMCS), Susan Jalaluddin (Vale St, Cumberland Walkway, Hazelbrook), Allan Murray (Glenbrook Lagoon), Ray Richardson (Nth Lawson), Lyndal Sullivan (BMCC)

Apologies: Barbara Harley (Tree Fern Gully, Lindeman Road Leura), Rob Agars (Deanei), Annette Coulter (Pitt Park), Karen Hising (Valley of the Waters), Mike Purtell (Else Mitchell & Deanei), Elizabeth Mitchell (Birdwood Gully), Erst Carmichael (Sth Lawson), Shirley Brown (MHH, Kat Ck, BK, Leura Pk), Margaret & Warwick Tafe (Mt Riverview)

Facilitator: Allan Murray

Acceptance of Previous Minutes (May 2011) moved Paul Vale/agreed

  1. Post Fire Weed funding

    In following up the Network’s concern that there needs to be funding attached to fire control works to deal with the weeds which spread as a result. In seeking evidence to pursue this issue, the Network is looking for academic reports and/or local monitoring to indicate the reality of the problem and the scale of response needed.

    Paul presented his report of the journal papers and other available information collected by both himself and Margaret. His conclusion was that ‘we have a lot of documentation relating to fire and weeds, but nothing significant on costs, especially the sorts of costs we are looking for, that
    is rehabilitation after a fire. What is significant from the documents is the agreement by all that some fires can cause weed infestations and weeds can be easily introduced by fire-management activities. In addition, the consensus is that weed mitigation/control is most effective and least costly if
    started immediately after a fire event. The longer you wait, the more it costs, in both economic and
    biological terms.’

    Possible monitoring sites for pre fire and post fire surveys where prescribed burns are planned: Centenary Reserve BH, Mt Zion, cnr Glenbrook Lagoon.

    People interested in being involved:
    Paul, Allan, and possibly Keith Brister (for Centenary Reserve)

    Actions: Lyndal to circulate Paul’s summary to all members. Lyndal to contact Kate Hammil for assistance in developing a simple methodology to monitor
    impacts on fire on weeds for use at Centenary Reserve and Glenbrook Lagoon.

  2. Reprint of ‘Living Near the Bush’

    Action: Clive to contact BMCS Management Committee to find out whether it is planned to revise the booklet and if so, what the process is for making contributions. Paul will begin by writing suggested changes in the current edition.

  3. Shale Forests

    Future field days about Shale based Forests are planned and hopefully groups will use the opportunity to form a network of groups working in these communities, including Penrith area.

  4. Sale of Weeds at Local Markets

    Margaret has commenced compiling a list of markets and convenor contacts. Shirley wrote an article about the issue in the Winter Gecko. Matter deferred until next meeting

  5. Treasurer’s Report

    Paul reported that the changes of signatories and address for the bank account was now finalised. Current signatories are: Paul Vale, Mike Purtell and Barbara Harley

    Balance at end June $354.57

  6. Bushcare Network 2006 Proposal for the Use of Lawson Golf Course Site

    Erst reported that she attended the City Farm meeting re Lawson Golf Course on Wednesday 20 July.

    Those present were very interested in the Bushcare Option and how it could be accommodated within the broader vision of a City Farm. They had already factored in an arboretum/botanic garden, and were interested in the concept of it being representative of our World Heritage NP, and a native plant nursery, indigenous involvement and dog walking area. They also responded well to the concept of an information/education centre in the club house.

    Erst will continue to represent the Bushcare Network in meetings with Transition Towns to discuss possible agreements between the two groups.

    As previously agreed, Allan will organise with Barbara for a press release and photo in the Gazette, to promote the BCN proposal in the next few months.

  7. NSW government funding/Meeting with State Members

    Allan has requested a meeting with Stuart Ayres and will continue to seek a response.

    Suggested that the Premier be copied into any correspondence as he is the Minister for Western Sydney.

    Mike reported that Roza Sage informed him that she had not heard further of the promised Bushcare funding.

  8. Update of ‘Instead of Weeds’ list

    The meeting went through the list compiled by Allan incorporating changes nominated by Clive and Barbara, and made further amendments.

    It was agreed that hybrids not be recommended as alternatives and that a general note be included to caution readers about planting huge trees in urban properties.

    Actions: Allan to circulate amended ‘Instead of Weeds’ list, which after a final check will go on to website and then distribute pilot copies for initial feedback before printing and further updates.

  9. Bushcare Network Conference

    It was agreed that consideration be given to holding a conference in 2012 and that Margaret and Mike be asked if either would interested to convene a steering committee, and come back to the next meeting with ideas.

    Given the lack of information about the election promise for funding, it was agreed that it would be difficult to organise a ‘conference’ or meeting of all groups across the mountains to discuss what projects be prioritised for State funds.

  10. Notification of Bushcare Groups of Development Applications on adjacent sites

    It was agreed that the following be minuted:

    The Network is concerned that Council’s resolution of 12th October 2010 appears not to have been acted upon. Since that time there have been a number of DAs adjacent to Bushcare sites about which groups have become aware, however none of these groups have been formally notified. The Network requests Lyndal to advise the Group Manager covering Bushcare, that there appears to be a problem with the DA notification procedure and to report back to the next meeting.

    Note: Council Minute no 460 part 5 (meeting 12th October 2010) was noted, which states that ‘Council’s internal processes be amended to ensure that the Council’s Bushcare Team leader is notified of and involved in all relevant Development Applications adjacent to Bushcare sites’.

  11. NPWS BM Regional Volunteer Coordinator

    This position has now been discontinued. Allan rang and sent a follow up email on behalf of the BCN to Shaun Elwood at the regional office of NPWS to express concern about the cessation of the position of Regional Volunteer Coordinator, and the importance of this being a permanent position. NPWS was unable to indicate any certainty about the future of such a position.

General Business

  1. Les Robinson Workshop

    Ideas from the workshop to be discussed at next meeting.

  2. Sydney Water Winmalee Sewer Tunnel Improvement Project

    Two of the three proposed options will impact on current Bushcare sites. Information on the options being proposed is on the Sydney Water website.

    Deadline for feedback has been extended to 26 August.

  3. Tunnel through Wolli Creek remnant Bushland for duplicate M5 motorway (Paul)


  4. Revised Environmental Weeds List

    It was noted that in response to Council’s resolution to undertake a review of the Weeds List within the Better Living DCP and the TPO to provide increased exemptions for the removal of weeds, these documents are now on public exhibition. Comments due by 5:00pm on 30 September 2011. Copies of the draft Weeds List and draft TPO are available from Council’s Information Centres at Katoomba and Springwood from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday; and also available on the web site www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au

    Action: Clive to draft a Network response and all to communicate by email

Meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Next Meeting Wednesday 17 November

These minutes may be downloaded as a PDF here: Minutes of the Bushcare Network Aug 2011