Minutes of meeting Dec 2009

When: Wednesday 9 December 2009, 6pm

Where: Mountains Community Resource Network Meeting Room, Lawson

Present: Karen Hising (Valley of the Waters), Annette Coulter (Pitt Park), Allan Murray (Glenbrook Lagoon), David King (Gundungurra), Ruth Ley (MinneHaHa, Brahma Kumaris, Katoomba Creek, Leura Cascades), Lachlan Garland (Braeside, Valley of the Waters), Clive Heywood Barker (BM Conservation Society), Neil Stuart ( Katoomba Valley Falls), Elizabeth Mitchell (Birdwood Gully), Barbara Harley(Tree Fern Gully, Lindeman Road), Monica Nugent ( Braeside, acting NPWS Volunteer coordinator), Norma & Laurel Harris (Gordon Falls), Jasmine Payget (BMCC), Lyndal Sullivan (BMCC),

Apologies: Erst Carmichael (Sth Lawson), Mike Purtell (Deanei, Else Mitchell), Ivan Jeray (Katoomba Valley Falls)

Chaired by: Ruth Ley

Minutes of Meeting May 2009 Accepted: moved/seconded Allan Murray/Annette Coulter

Matters arising from previous minutes

  1. New Weed: information to be added to website on Acacia elongata

    Action: Barbara to use information in Clive’s article on Acacia elongata to develop a standard weed profile and add this to the website; the site then to have a link to the full article with additional information on distribution and photos. Clive to send photos of weedy acacias to Barbara, then Barbara to write article for website. Further information on other ‘weedy wattles’ was discussed for future inclusion.

  2. Integral vegetation clearance work program and protocols

    Action: Monica and Barbara to write to Integral, on behalf of the Bushcare Network, requesting their attendance at the next Meeting in February, to discuss the following questions:

    • Could the Network be provided with the annual works program and map for interpretation prior to July each year?
    • Would Integral undertake to consult with any effected Bushcare or Landcare Groups at least one month prior to any works commencing?
    • If trees are shrubs to be pruned are environmental weeds (as listed in the Blue Mountains LEP 2005), would Integral agree to treat these plants with herbicide rather than just prune them back?
    • Does Integral have hygiene policies and protocols to ensure that vegetation management works do not spread weeds or soil pathogens?
    • Does Integral have any special policies and practices for areas where threatened vegetation communities or species exist?
    • When will Integral Energy’s vegetation clearance work policy/plan next be reviewed? Will the general public have an opportunity to make submissions to the policy/plan?
    • Are the following Act and Regulations the relevant rules governing vegetation management?
      • Electricity Supply Act 1995 No 94, section 48 Interference with electricity works by trees
      • Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001, Part 11 Tree preservation (sections 100 to 104).

      Please provide hard copies of the relevant sections for the meeting.

  3. Bushcare Network Bank Account

    Lachlan reported that the appropriate paperwork must have occurred as he was now receiving bank statements. The balance at 30 June 09 was $353.93

  4. Papers from Provenance/Bioregionalism Forum for website

    Action: Allan to investigate whether copyright would prevent the papers on provenance to be scanned and placed on our website or whether there could be links to them.

  5. Promotion ideas for Bushcare

    Jasmine was commended on the progress made so far with posters and brochure.

    Posters: Jasmine outlined the plan to produce 6 posters which could be drawn on for use with promotional displays. A number of draft posters were circulated for written comments. It was agreed that the Bushcare logo should be prominent, but that the two
    logos on the draft were more dominant that needed.

    Action: Jasmine to produce 6 posters after incorporating comments on draft from meeting. Lyndal to circulate amended set of 6 posters as a pdf document to Barbara, Allan, Monica and David.

    Brochures: It is planned to produce an all purpose brochure on Bushcare and Landcare for wide distribution. A draft copy of the brochure was circulated for comment.

    Action: Jasmine to circulate the next draft after incorporating comments from meeting.

    Design for on-site A frames: Jasmine reported the plan to have a professional photographer visit most groups in
    February to develop a photo library of each site/group as part of the historic records. A selection from these photographs would be used for the A frames as background images.

    Further work will be made on slogans for A frames next year.

    Action: Jasmine to arrange for each group to be notified of the program in advance.

    Other promotion ideas discussed included: fridge magnets, and the promotion of Bushcare in the January rates notice when people are making decisions about their involvements in the coming year.

  6. Event Participation

    Discussion on which were the most useful local events to target to reach residents.

    Katoomba, Winter Magic not seen as useful to reach local residents, however may be useful to engage locals in the development and participation in Street Parade.

    Glenbrook local market may be more effective venue than the Australia Day event.

    Action: all to discuss with their own groups the idea of using a dress up occasion (possibly a competition) to engage younger people in Bushcare (see Appendix 3 of August minutes for full outline of Annette’s ideas)

  7. Highway Water Issues Working Group

    Erst asked that members present be encouraged to nominate for this Working Group.

    Action: David King to nominate and Annette to contact Nick Todd to encourage him to nominate.

General Business

  1. Weeds exempted from Tree Preservation Order

    Following discussion of the TPO weed tree list, it was agreed that the existing BCN list of weeds first needed to be updated.

    Action: that all Bushcare groups check the Bushcare Network weeds list to ensure all weed trees known on their sites are included, and to bring lists to next meeting. Lyndal to email list to all Network members.

  2. Review of BMCC Weed Management Strategy

    Lyndal informed the meeting of the planned review of the 2001 Weed Management Strategy, Discussion Paper and Action Plans. A draft is planned to be put on display for public comment during March 2010, then to go to Council midyear 2010.

    Alternative strategy approaches to direct resources were discussed, eg priorities based on particular weed species or subcatchments. Current sub catchment approach was supported. Factors to be considered for new strategy were:

    • New strategy should be written in plain English.
    • Importance of keeping weeds out of hard to access locations.
    • High cost activities — e.g. removal of mature radiata pines
    • High visibility/cultural change — e.g. exotic trees on skyline
    • The educational role of Noxious Weeds team
    • Bushcare’s involvement in community education
    • How does this Strategy affect the resourcing of Bushcare?


    1. that each Bushcare group discuss the desirable criteria to prioritise catchments and bring back ideas for the February Bushcare Network meeting, so that these can be submitted to the process.
    2. Lyndal to send out a summary of the existing criteria (p4 of the 2001 strategy document)
  3. Railcorp and RTA progress (Local weeds committee minutes)

    Railcorp is now a regular participant in the Local Weeds Committee at which it reported a weed control contract has been awarded between springwood and Mt Victoria from November 2009 to May 2010. In addition the Railcorp Vegetation Team is available to focus east of Springwood.

    Some progress was also reported with RTA undertaking weed control. Barbara Harley attends the meetings as the Bushcare Network representative.

  4. Changes to Noxious weeds legislation and listing procedures

    The Dept of Industry and Investment is proposing a change in the legislation and requiring all Local Weeds (class 4) to be reviewed to retain their listing. Funding arrangements are to change by funding control works according to regional plans and expanding beyond the current scheduled weeds. Details are not yet available.

  5. Local Orders Policy

    There is currently a Local Orders Policy on exhibition for public comment until 30th December. It defines illegal activities such as vegetation clearing, earthworks, overgrown vegetation etc. It covers where an order might be issued.

    Details can be found at http://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/yourcouncil/mediareleases/publicexhibitionlocalorders/

  6. Meetings for 2010

    The second Wednesday of every third month was agreed as the pattern, unless a meeting decides to move the date.

    The following dates being those for the 2010 meeting: 10 February, 12 May, 11 August, 10 November.

    The Annual picnic for 2010 has been booked for Saturday 1st May at Sun Valley.

  7. Items deferred for discussion at Future meeting

    1. Resident Survey results
    2. Volunteer registration and agreement forms

      The following draft Volunteer/Council Agreement to be circulated for discussion:

      The Bushcare/Landcare Volunteer agrees to:

      • Follow BMCC health and safety requirements and risk management procedures
      • Register attendance at each volunteering session
      • Participate in orientation and onsite training as required
      • Follow agreed site strategies and guidance from the bushcare officer
      • Undertake tasks in a safe and responsible manner
      • Comply with all conservation requirements and legislation as outlined
      • Support a non discriminatory and harassment-free work environment
      • Communicate in a courteous and respectful manner to all volunteers, council staff and members of the public
      • The use and publication of images of the volunteer taken during volunteer sessions unless the volunteer requests otherwise

      BMCC agrees to:

      • Provide appropriate supervision, training and tools
      • Provide technical advice and assistance to volunteers
      • Establish a clear plan which details volunteer activities
      • Provide risk management procedures and necessary safety equipment
      • Cover volunteers for insurance in case of injury
      • Provide an avenue for volunteers to contribute to site planning and to raise questions or complaints
      • Encourage and recognise volunteer efforts and achievements
      • Support a non discriminatory and harassment-free work environment
      • Communicate in a courteous and respectful manner to all volunteers

Meeting Closed at 8.30pm.

These minutes may be downloaded in PDF format: Minutes Bushcare Newtwork meeting Dec 09