Minutes of meeting Feb 2011

When: Wednesday 16 February at 6pm

Where: Mountains Community Resource Network Meeting Room Lawson

Present: Elizabeth Mitchell (Birdwood Gully), Margaret & Warwick Tafe (Mt Riverview), Paul Vale (Popes Glen), Karen Hising (Valley of the Waters), Mike Purtell (Else Mitchell & Deanei), Lachlan Garland (Braeside, Valley of the Waters), Clive Heywood Barker (BMCS), Shirley Brown (MHH, Kat Ck, BK, Leura Pk), Rachel Swindell (Noxious Weeds, BMCC), Lyndal Sullivan (BMCC)

Apologies: Barbara Harley (Tree Fern Gully, Lindeman Road Leura), Allan Murray (Glenbrook Lagoon), Xuela Sledge (NPWS), Rob Agars (Deanei), Annette Coulter

Facilitator: Mike Purtell

Acceptance of Previous Minutes (December 10) moved Margaret Tafe/Paul Vale

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

  1. Post Fire Weed funding

    Margaret undertook an extensive search of the internet for research information on the extent and cost of weed spread following fire, found abstracts but was unable to get access to the relevant journals. Xuela provided hard copies of a number of papers of which 2 were directly relevant as well as the Victorian Dept Primary Industries website


    Actions: Paul to look through the material collected by Margaret to identify relevant articles to be obtained and to draft an argument on the need for weed control funding as an integrated part of hazard reduction planning and also post fire restoration. Lyndal to get electronic copies of the relevant journal articles and distribute.

    Possible sources of information and access to journals include: RFS Homebush library, Sydney catchment Authority, NCC and Hot spots program, fire CRC

    Further discussion on possible future avenues to achieve better post fire funding at next meeting.

  2. Weed tree exemption from Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

    Lachlan was thanked for collating ideas on this issue and preparing the letter.

    Lachlan reported no response had yet been received from the letter sent seeking an expansion of the list of weeds exempt from the TPO to include more weed trees on the current DCP weed list. The letter also asked for some additional listings and some deletions.

    A response to this issue, which was also a resolution of Council (meeting 23rd Nov 2010) is expected in a report to the Council meeting of 15th March (reports available from 9th)

  3. Proposed Amendments to DCP Environmental Weeds list

    A vote of thanks was passed unanimously to Clive for his extensive research to compile the list of weed trees for the Blue Mountains local government area. It was agreed that:

    1. the Bushcare Network adopt the attached list as a Bushcare network list of tree species which are invasive in the Blue Mountains Local Government Area, and
    2. the Network consider at a future date whether it is desirable for all these species to be included in the DCP list and/or exempt from the Tree Preservation Order clauses of the LEP, after having further clarified how these instruments are used and exploring the special requirements for dealing with species which are food trees, heritage items or streetscape features.
  4. Reprint of ‘Living Near the Bush’

    Lachlan will follow up the progress on this review.

  5. Network of Bushcare groups working in Shale-base Vegetation Communities

    Bushcare is planning a field day for all groups working in Shale based Vegetation Communities as an opportunity to learn more about these communities and meet each other.

    Eric Mahony will provide information on each of the two major types of communities, with fact sheets. It is planned to visit two sites with a morning or afternoon tea break. Possible dates 18 or 19 June (third weekend). Mt Riverview suggested it being held on their workday — the fourth Saturday afternoon.

    It was agreed that the focus of this first workday should be members of existing groups, and that a further workshop be held for the wider community.

    Action: Lyndal to organise with Eric and advertise in next Gecko

General Business

  1. Sale of Weeds at Local markets

    The booking officers for each of the Council venues have been informed that a new condition of leasing Council property is that no weeds be sold. They were asked to forward on a letter with the list of weeds to any person or organisation booking a venue where plants may be sold.

    It was agreed that the Bushcare Network send letters to all venues/organisations where plant sales occur, except for Council property, to support the action of Council in preventing the sale of weeds

    Action: Margaret, Shirley and Elizabeth to finalise the wording of the letter along the lines of the attached draft, and to start a list of contacts. Contact addresses to be sent to Mike. Mike to send the letter to organisers.

  2. Treasurer’s Report

    Lachlan reported the SCU account balance as $354.40 at 31 January 2011. He also notified the meeting that he would be unable to continue his involvement with the Network due to other commitments.

    It was agreed that Paul Vale take over this role as the replacement signatory and contact address for the bank. Mike, Paul and Lachlan to make the arrangements for the change.

  3. Site A frame design

    Members looked at the amended design and agreed that this would be appropriate.

  4. Bushcare Network Proposal for the use of Lawson Golf Course site

    No further information was available on the State government’s intentions on the use of this site. Some decision may come after the State election.

    Action: Lyndal to circulate copies of the Network’s 2006 submission to the consultation process.

  5. Urban Weeds program

    Rachel explained the sub-catchment approach used by the Noxious Weeds team, and how their work firstly centres around areas being worked by Bushcare groups, both on public and private land. This approach is fully explained in the Weed Management Strategy.

    The Noxious weeds officers and their areas are:

    • Bernadette Scott – Lapstone to Bullaburra
    • David Simmons – Blackheath to the Mounts and Megalong Valley
    • John Brell – South Leura and South Katoomba
    • Rachel Swindell – North Leura, North Katoomba, Wentworth Falls and Medlow Bath

    Volunteers are to field any queries through their Bushcare officer, as per Council procedure.

    Some new weeds of concern discussed were: loganberry, Genista racemosa. Extensive noxious weeds information is now on the Council website with factsheets available for downloading at http://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/sustainableliving/weedmanagement

Next meeting: Wednesday 18 May, 2011

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

These minutes may be downloaded as a PDF from here: Minutes_BCN_Feb_2011