Minutes of meeting Feb 2012

When: Wednesday 8th February 2012 at 6pm

Where: Mountains Community Resource Network Meeting Room Lawson

Apologies: Erst Carmichael, Joy Kane, Warwick and Margaret Tafe, Clive Barker, Barbara Harley.

Present: Alan Murray (Chair), Elizabeth Mitchell, Susan Jalaluddin, Mike Purtell, Shirley Brown, Paul Vale, Ray Richardson.

Acceptance of Previous Minutes (November 2011) moved Paul Vale, Shirley Brown.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

  1. Post Fire weeding

    Action: Erin to check that the letter of thanks was sent to Kate Hammill by Lyndal. Monitoring is continuing but at the moment there is not enough completely documented new data to circulate.

    The monitoring program is being developed under Kate’s guidance. The first post fire weed survey in the burnt area was completed with a core group of five. The study is proposed for more than two years and the monitoring group includes two interested people from the consoc Plant Study group. The Network suggested one of the outcomes could involve a paper for a journal and get it peer reviewed in the future.

  2. Reprint of ‘Living Near the Bush’

    Action: Paul is working on this project; with Mike and Warwick to edit the building section.

    Work on this project has been on hold due to the work needed to apply for the Large Stream Grant from NSW Environmental Trust.

    Network suggested the brochure as a teaser with separate sections and the website as the larger document. Print in a smaller run broken down into separate books.

    Action: Paul to discuss with Brendon.

  3. Sale of Weeds at Local Markets

    It was discussed what format Margaret could circulate her current list of markets (dates, venues and contacts) to all Network members

    Action: Margaret to add to the data to website and email coordinators.

    Action: Members of network to use Google to add to the Markets. Suggested add ins:

    • Garden Clubs
    • CWA hall Leura
    • Red Cross markets
    • Legacy Markets Springwood (Fridays)
    • The Craft Market
    • the Alex, Leura.
  4. Bushcare Network 2006 Proposal for the Use of Lawson Golf Course Site

    Action: Network needs to discuss next step and look for ways to fund.

    Discussed site map: Historic grants suggested to pay for some of the cycleway. Bushcare plantings for awards to make the arboretum.

    Need further work on this for next meeting.

    Action: Elizabeth to contact the historical societies to collaborate.

  5. NSW government funding update

    All group coordinators to be congratulated. The application for the Popes Glen project has been submitted for the six year grant with total of $233,132 applied for. There is an additional four years of work committed to after the Grant finishes, so this is a ten-year project.

    Special thanks to Council staff for their assistance in preparing the Grant Application, particularly Linda Thomas and Eric Mahoney.

    The Minutes of the second Special meeting of The Bushcare Network for the grant funding (13th December 2011) were accepted: moved by Ray Richardson and seconded by Mike Purtell.

    Paul Vale circulated a printed copy of the finished Grant Application for committee members to view. Electronic copies will be circulated after the closing date (14th Feb).

  6. Update of ‘Instead of Weeds’ list


    All to suggest a better name for the list, to replace ‘Instead of Weeds’. Then Erin to add to website, then distribute to Nurseries. Suggestions for the new name to be decided at the Bushcare picnic.

  7. Bushcare Network Conference

    Mike presented a draft structure and possible dates to discuss at the next meeting. Network decided August for preferred date.

    Action: Catering $150 from network to conference. Venue Lawson Mid Mountains hall if available.

    Action: Lyndal to look into venue and to be discussed next meeting.

    Action: Raffle to be developed by Mike for the conference.

  8. Notification of Bushcare Groups of Development Applications on adjacent sites

    Susan sent a letter and it was taken and the reply came from Lee Morgan.

    Update: Lyndal has received two batches of notifications since.

  9. Sydney Water Winmalee Sewer Tunnel Improvement Project Update

    Sydney Water is doing more studies before the decision is made. Third option is the best. Steve Barrett is forming a catchment group. (Carry onto next agenda).

  10. Tunnel through Wolli Creek remnant Bushland for duplicate M5 motorway

    Action: Paul to draft a letter of support from the BCN for Wolli Creek Bushcare group to the relevant minister and circulate to BCN Committee for approval if the issue escalates. Leave on the agenda, but as this is not a core goal of the Network, can only be done if more important/urgent items have been completed first.

  11. Revised Environmental Weeds List in DCP

    Passed by Council and to be gazetted

  12. Change to Bushcare Team Leader position

    Feedback on changes to the Team Leader position: three month trial to job share the position. Good feedback was received as for support for each officer. The only detriment is not having quick responses as staffs are not in the office as much.

  13. Meetings for 2012

    Were agreed on: 8 February,16 May, 8 August, 21 November

  14. Link Road through Deanei Reserve

    Paul to wrote to the GM with copies to all councillors.

    The only immediate response came via email from Terri Hamilton, who indicated she would not be voting for the motion. The motion was passed, meaning that Council will spend $140,000 on a feasibility study.

    Response from Mayor in the Gazette was that it will come close to the Deanei but not impact it.

    An independent letter to the Gazette against the idea and the article quoting the Mayor were circulated. Network to review the results of the feasibility study.

  15. Bushcare Network Convenor

    Mike notified that he would vacate the position at this meeting on 8 February. Paul Vale elected as Convenor. As Paul was Treasurer, he resigned from that position. Mike Purtell elected as the new Treasurer.

General Business

  1. Treasurer’s report.

    (Paul) Balance: $354.75 as at 31 January 2012.

    Noted that we now receive only 2 paper statements each year, for 30 June and 31 December. These arrive approximately six weeks after the statement dates.

    The possibility of online transactions has been investigated with the person responsible at SCU Head Office (Sachi). The same rules would apply for any transactions, which is that two of the three signatories must agree in order for any transfer to complete.

    Paul to make further contact with SCU and take the next step if Mike and Barbara agree. The aim of this facility is to make it simpler and faster for any necessary transactions, and to be able to check the balance at any time.

    Action: Erin to provide an invoice to network to pay for conference.

  2. Wild Endurance

    Run by the Wilderness Society. The Network agreed not to support this event and to wait and see what the green expo is before we consider supporting, as important not to get politically aligned. Mike commented that being apolitical is one of the strengths of the Network.

    Action: Erin to circulate dates for Leura School (1st July and Glenbrook Markets (20 October 2012).

  3. Farewell Alan.

    You will be missed.

Next Meeting Wednesday 16 May.

Meeting close 8.30pm.

These minutes may be downloaded in PDF format here: Minutes of the Bushcare Network Feb 2012.