Minutes of meeting May 2012

When: Wednesday 16 May 2012 at 6pm

Where: Mountains Community Resource Network Meeting Room, Lawson

Present: Paul Vale (chair) Elizabeth Mitchell, Susan Jalaluddin, Ray Richardson, Barbara Harley, Ivan Jeray, Neil Stuart, Maxine McKinley, Margaret and Warwick Tafe, Lyndal Sullivan (Minutes)

Apologies: Erst Carmichael, Clive Barker, Shirley Brown, Mike Purtell, Annette Coulter, Allan Murray

Acceptance of Previous Minutes (Feb 2012) moved Ray/Susan

Special Item of General Business

Recreation, Sporting and Fund raising events at Bushcare sites

Discussion occurred around the North Face 100 trail running event, planned to take place this year (5th annual event) which includes sections where runners will go through Bushcare sites of the Friends of Katoomba Falls Creek Valley and Kedumba Creek groups.

It was noted that two other running events are held annually, where similar concerns could arise. It was agreed that BCN write to council and NPWS to ask what procedures cover the approval of such events, and in particular what opportunities exist for consultation and environmental assessment prior to approval. Also that the policies be asked for that relate to environmental protection in the conduct of such events.

Action: Paul to write the letter.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

  1. Post Fire Weed Monitoring

    Lyndal reported that a card was sent to thank Kate Hammil for her generous contribution to this project. Paul to report at a later meeting when results begin to emerge. Paul noted that significant weed generation has occurred, especially Gorse.

  2. Reprint of ‘Living Near the Bush’

    Action: Paul to continue discussions with Brendon (BMCS); Susan, Mike and Warwick to review various sections.

    Note: that Weeds of National Significance (WONS) be suggested for inclusion.

  3. Sale of Weeds at Local Markets

    Action Margaret to circulate, via email her list of markets (dates, venues and contacts) to BCN members for additions and amendments.

  4. Bushcare Network 2006 Proposal for the Use of Lawson Golf Course Site

    Proposal to develop a walking track around the edge of the former Golf Course to demonstrate the changes in geology, vegetation communities and human history across the mountains.

    A similar concept was described by Neil as operating near Brisbane, called Indigiscapes, run by Redlands Council.

    Elizabeth reported that she had commenced making contact with relevant organizations: Laurie Strathdee from Mid Mountains Community Centre, some Council officers working on historic projects, and historic societies. It was suggested that the National Trust could also be approached.

    Action: Elizabeth to discuss with Margaret Baker the idea of a path/walk demonstrating geological changes. Paul to send MB contact details to Elizabeth

  5. Update of ‘Instead of Weeds’ list

    Suggestions for a better name for the list discussed included: ‘Replacing environmental weeds with plants that won’t go feral’; ‘Alternate plants’ and ‘Grow Me Instead’. The latter was already used by the Nursery industry Association.

    It was agreed to change the heading of the column from ‘bush invaders’ to ‘weeds’; also that photos of the alternatives would be valuable on the website.

    Action: Lyndal to circulate latest electronic version to all active members of the Network in order to review the 1st page; feedback should be sent to Paul within a week of receiving the update and then Paul would make the decision about any changes before it went on to the web.

  6. Bushcare Network Conference

    It was agreed to proceed with plans for a conference for 2013; and that the following possible speakers be approached:

    • Margaret Baker on the Evolution of Plant Communities; Paul suggested Mike would be the best person to invite Margaret; Paul to contact Mike.
    • Popes Glen representatives to present background and update on the Willow plug restoration project and potential ET grant (Alan Lane and Paul Vale. Paul to ask Alan if he is available.)
    • Linda Thomas and Eric Mahony (BMCC) and Ray Richardson — on funding opportunities for joint projects or large scale projects

    It was agreed to proceed on the basis of the draft agenda attached.

    Action: Lyndal to book Sat 29 June or Sat 31 Aug 2013 at the Mid Mountains Community Centre, large hall.

    Action: Paul to investigate ways to set up bequest facility for individuals to direct money to Network to carry out particular projects.

  7. Sydney Water Winmalee Sewer Tunnel Project

    The update provided by Mike was accepted.

  8. Tunnel through Wolli Creek Remnant Bushland for duplicate M5 motorway

    It was agreed to remove this matter from future agendas, as beyond our capacity although relevant.

General Business (cont)

  1. Draft BMCC 2012–2013 Operational Plan on Public Exhibition

    The plan was noted and members encouraged to make submissions to support aspects of the Plan that supported Bushcare as well as making any comments for changes.

  2. Review of Council Services

    The Review of Council Services was noted, which is being conducted by BMCC Corporate Strategy Team (4780 5775).

    Action: Paul and Ray to investigate further about how to participate in the workshops and survey planned.

  3. Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority

    Paul was nominated by the meeting to represent Blue Mountains Bushcare Network on the Community Reference Committee of the HNCMA.

  4. EcoExpo at Lawson Community Centre, 16 June

    Action: Paul to decline the organiser’s invitation to participate in the Expo.

  5. Newsletter from Rosa Sage

    Action: Mike to contact Rosa Sage’s office to find out the requirements for an article in response to the open invitation in her newsletter. Ray volunteered to write the article.

Next Meeting Wednesday 8th August

Meeting closed at 8.30pm

An attachment with a draft conference agenda forms part of the PDF of these minutes, which may be downloaded here: Minutes of the Bushcare Network May 2012